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About Pong Club

A note from owner-operator Roderick Medina

If you are reading this I thank you for your interest in Pong Club! My goal is to promote the sport of table tennis to as many people as I can. I want to accomplish this by creating a fun and casual space where anyone can feel at home. We're not an elite training center but we do aim to provide a quality playing experience. Elite players and complete beginners alike are welcome anytime.


Like many of you, I dabbled in ping pong here and there but it was always just in the margins of my life. I got into it as a sport when it became the game of choice at my old office but I had to leave it for a few years when I was sidelined by joint injuries from other sports and activities. I got "serious" with table tennis a few years ago at the Austin Table Tennis Club and I have found that it keeps me healthy, active, and mentally challenged without further injuries.


Table tennis is the only Olympic sport that just about anyone can participate in and have fun at any level of the game. I think there are a lot of fun sports out there but this is the one I see myself continuing to play for decades to come. 


If you've made it this far, thanks again. I hope to see you on the court.







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