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All coaching products include entry to Pong Club so no need to pay separate playing fee on your coaching days! 

Coaching Team
Pong Club coaching is a team effort between Cesar Serna and Jeff Nguyen. They are passionate about helping others and promoting the sport of table tennis!
About Coach Cesar Serna:
A table tennis enthusiast since 1994, Cesar has been a part of Pong Club from the beginning and has expanded his role from substitute coach as his interest in helping others has continued to grow. 
Table Tennis enthusiasts share a common interest: to enjoy a sport that allows one to take control of physics in a way that no other sport can offer. 
20 years of competitive Table Tennis experience has provided me the opportunity to help players of all ages over a span of multiple cities. My contributions to Table Tennis include tournament competition preparation, club management, volunteering, and coaching policy design. 
Over the years I have gained knowledge of the physical and technical requirements of Table Tennis as well as the understanding of the mental stress and pressure that accompanies competitive play and high expectations. Part of the philosophical aspect of my instruction includes goal setting, sportsmanship, and etiquette/maturity.
I am committed to assisting anyone who has the desire to participate in Table Tennis competitively or casually. 
My interest in coaching Table Tennis is to contribute to any goal that Table Tennis enthusiasts of all ends of the spectrum may have.
-    Learn more about the formal rules of the sport of Table Tennis
-    Understand how to properly play Table Tennis
-    Become a competitive tournament player
-    Improve technique
-    Develop proper strokes
-    Exploring the world of professional Table Tennis equipment (personal favorite)
-    Help with the mental toughness aspect of Table Tennis (Yes, TT can be very frustrating)
-    Teach Table Tennis etiquette and on-the-table maturity and philosophy 
Two-winged attack with emphasis on forehand power/spin. Focus on control and touch as well.

Highest rating – 2156
Notable results
2002 US Nationals – Under 2000 2nd place
2016 Texas Wesleyan Open  - Under 2200 1st place
2004 US Nationals – Under 3700 Doubles 2nd place
2006 Harlingen Open Round Robin – 1st place
2009 San Antonio City Tournament – 1st place
2013 Texas Wesleyan Open – Under 2300 2nd place
1995 Louisiana Open Doubles – 2nd place
1996 Corpus Christi Men’s Singles – 1st place

Click HERE to see Cesar's full coaching credentials
Group Coaching
Have fun and work up a sweat with your fellow players. Coaching opens up a world of possibilities whether you're looking to become the king of the table or just find new ways to enjoy the sport.
Youth Lessons: TBD
This fun-filled and informative series is targeted for youth aged 7-16. It includes fun group activities and also specific training depending on individual skill levels. 
Cost: $20 per class or check our subscription specialContact us at for availability.
Private Coaching - Online Registration Available
Our excellent coaches are happy to offer custom tailored private lessons in 30-minute increments for clients that want a more personal touch or are looking to get better at a specific skill more quickly. Friends and family can even learn together! 
Schedule: Mondays/Thursdays 7:00pm-10:00pm, Saturdays 1:00pm-4:00pm
Cost:  $30 per half-hour or check out our other rates and specialsAdditional Students are welcome to share coaching time but add-on students must pay club entry. (Student who paid for the session has club entry included)
Off-Site Coaching - By Appointment Only!
Do you have a table at your office, school, or home? Contact us at to discuss setting up a custom training session at your location! If needed, Pong Club can provide temporary tables for an event.
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