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2018 iSET College Table Tennis National Championship

4/19 - 4/22 

Volunteers Needed!

Spectators Welcome!

Come out to some of the highest level table tennis in the country as the best collegiate teams face off for the 2018 national title! 

Pong Club will be closed on April 21st in support of this event. We encourage all of our players to go out and volunteer/spectate if your schedule allows. If you'd like to be part of a carpool to the event please email us at and we'll coordinate similar requests!

Benefits for Attendees:
  • Rare chance to see world class table tennis up close
  • One free visit to Pong Club for all registered volunteers (tell them Pong Club sent you!)
  • Access to discounted equipment such as pro quality tables
  • Supporting a nonprofit group that does what it does to promote table tennis!
Volunteers Needed

1. Practice Area Volunteers (2 needed)

Time: Friday 9am to 9pm; Saturday 9am to 5pm; Sunday 9am to 3pm;

-this area helps coordinate the practice court area. We have 2 volunteers in this area already but they can't work the whole weekend without anyone to spell them
-requires someone not FAINT of heart, ie able to tell people "no", ie good communication skills

Contact me for more information:


2. Registration/Gate Control (2 needed)
Time: Friday 9am to 9pm/ Saturday 9am to 5pm; Sunday 9am to 4pm;


Registration specifically is handing out player bags, having athletes sign insurance forms
-Gate control is making sure people have credentials that enter and charging spectators for entrance
Shelly Huang is the team leader here:

3. Umpires/Scorekeepers (5 each needed)

Time: Friday 9am to 9pm/ Saturday 9am to 5pm; Sunday 9am to 2pm; 

-Umpires need to be USATT certified

-Scorekeepers do not have to be certified just somewhat familiar with the sport
Contact me for more information:

4. Video Production (2-4 more needed)

Time: Friday 9am to 9pm/ Saturday 9am to 5pm; Sunday 9am to 2pm; 

-No experience necessary, will be trained there, just need consistent people to show up all throughout the weekend
Contact me for more information:

5. Tear Down (8-10 needed)

Time: Sunday 2pm to 7pm (may end early if we have enough people)


-No experience necessary, we just need help breaking down equipment so that we can get out of the facility

Contact me for more information:

NOTE: the shifts are not 10 hours straight more like 3-4 hr

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