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All coaching products include entry to Pong Club so no need to pay separate playing fee on your coaching days!

About Coach Furgason
Patrick Furgason is a highly trained table tennis player and coach.  He has 7 years of competitive experience and 3 years of coaching experience.  He can elevate your game from the elementary hits of “Ping-Pong” to the precise and calculated motions of table tennis.  Patrick’s lighthearted approach to coaching makes him a great motivator.  His philosophy is to help his students learn the important principles of successful players in a relaxed and enjoyable environment.

“Patrick has been coaching me in table tennis periodically for two years. He has been very helpful to my game. He is an excellent player and coach. In addition, he is kind, patient and empathic. He would be particularly good with players that haven’t had much instruction because he is very encouraging. I highly recommend getting some coaching from him.”

 -Jev Sikes, Ph.D. Psychologist
"I was Patrick’s table tennis coach from age 11 until 17 years old. He was always a good student and very talented. He helped me in my youth summer table tennis clinics , where he showed good knowledge and expertise beyond even the things I had taught him. Besides being one of the best table tennis players in Texas he is also a very good coach. Patrick has many fine qualities, I will list a few: 1. He is a good athlete 2. Smart 3. Personable 4. Considerate of others 5. Has knowledge and passion for the sport of table tennis In my opinion Patrick will make anyone or group a good coach in learning the skills, techniques., and tactics of table tennis."

 -Kenneth Beauchamp 
Certified Regional Level Table Tennis Coach ITTF Certified Table Tennis Coach AAU Certified Level 3 Table Tennis Coach Certified Umpire by the USATT Certified Referee by the USATT

"We have hired Patrick to teach some of our engineering team to improve their table tennis skills. He comes in once every two weeks for a group lesson. It has worked well - the developers enjoy it, it is team building, and it happens in our office. I'm happy recommending him to do the same at other companies - he is a good teacher, and he is very good at table tennis."

-Justin Marston 

"We have been receiving lessons as part of a company group from Patrick for the past few months. Patrick is an excellent instructor who teaches us the correct form and useful drills to improve. He also gives pointers to correct our individual quirks. He is a patient instructor matching his instruction to the skill level of a person and gradually ramping up. We have seen a marked improvement in our skill levels due to his instruction.”
-Danny from DroidCloud
“We’ve been receiving group lessons from Patrick at our company for several months now. Patrick is a skilled and patient instructor who has excelled at teaching across the wide range of skill levels that we have as a group. I’ve seen an immediate improvement in my skill and have learned some great drills and methods that I anticipate will keep my game improving for a long time to come. His lessons are fun and have served as a great team-building exercise for our company.”
-Phani Achanta
Group Coaching - Online Registration Available
Have fun and work up a sweat with your fellow players. Coaching opens up a world of possibilities whether you're looking to become the king of the table or just find new ways to enjoy the sport.
Youth Lessons: Saturdays 1:00pm-2:00pm
This fun-filled and informative series is targeted for youth aged 7-16. It includes fun group activities and also specific training depending on individual skill levels. 
Cost: $20 per class or check our subscription special!
Private Coaching - Online Registration Available
Coach Furgason is happy to offer custom tailored private lessons in 30-minute increments for clients that want a more personal touch or are looking to get better at a specific skill more quickly. Friends and family can even learn together! 
Schedule: Thursdays 7:00pm-10:00pm, Saturdays 2:00-5:00pm
Cost:  $30 per half-hour or check out our Special Subscription Package. Intro deal is also available!
Additional Students are welcome to share coaching time but add-on students must pay club entry. (Student who paid for the session has club entry included)
Off-Site Coaching - By Appointment Only!
Do you have a table at your office, school, or home? Contact Coach Furgason at to discuss setting up a custom training session at your location! If needed, Pong Club can provide temporary tables for an event.
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