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All coaching products include entry to Pong Club so no need to pay separate playing fee on your coaching days! 

About Coach Ken Beauchamp
Pong Club welcomes Coach Ken Beauchamp. He is trying out Pong Club and may become a more permanent coaching presence soon. For those of you who knew our previous Coach Patrick Furgason. Coach Ken was his coach for many years from when Patrick was eleven years old.
A Note From Coach Ken:
My name is Kenneth Beauchamp. I have a long history when it comes to table tennis . I started playing when I was a fireman in Austin in 1972. It took 3 years but I
soon became the best table tennis player in the fire department. We had very good players in the AFD back then some would have been USATT rated around 2000.
I started playing tournaments around 1976 and played until 1980 when I had a 10 year hiatus.
In 1990 I started back playing and was instrumental in starting the Austin Table Tennis club . When I was younger I was very competitive and always had to win, but when I came back to play I mainly wanted to help others and grow the sport. I have been to many coaching clinics across the United States from Dallas , Las Vegas , the Olympic Training center , Oklahoma , and many others.
I am a Certified Regional Level table tennis coach by the USATT , a ITTF certified coach, and a level 4 AAU certified coach(positive coaching). I coached at the ATTC for more than 10 years. I am certified to coach up to level 2250 and
I have coached all levels of players from beginners to advanced. I have run many clinics for youth and adults.
My current USATT rating is 1869 , though I haven't played a tournament in a couple of years. I would like to be your coach and help all to improve and to enjoy the sport of Table Tennis.
- Kenneth Beauchamp
Group Coaching - Online Registration Available
Have fun and work up a sweat with your fellow players. Coaching opens up a world of possibilities whether you're looking to become the king of the table or just find new ways to enjoy the sport.
Youth Lessons: Saturdays 1:00pm-2:00pm
This fun-filled and informative series is targeted for youth aged 7-16. It includes fun group activities and also specific training depending on individual skill levels. 
Cost: $20 per class or check our subscription special!
Private Coaching - Online Registration Available
Coach Furgason is happy to offer custom tailored private lessons in 30-minute increments for clients that want a more personal touch or are looking to get better at a specific skill more quickly. Friends and family can even learn together! 
Schedule: Thursdays 7:00pm-10:00pm, Saturdays 2:00-5:00pm
Cost:  $30 per half-hour or check out our Special Subscription Package. Intro deal is also available!
Additional Students are welcome to share coaching time but add-on students must pay club entry. (Student who paid for the session has club entry included)
Off-Site Coaching - By Appointment Only!
Do you have a table at your office, school, or home? Contact us at to discuss setting up a custom training session at your location! If needed, Pong Club can provide temporary tables for an event.
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