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All coaching products include entry to Pong Club so no need to pay separate playing fee on your coaching days! 

About Coach Allen Kurapati
Pong Club welcomes Coach Allen Kurapati. He is trying out Pong Club and may become a more permanent coaching presence soon. 
A Note From Coach Allen:
Hi, I'm Allen Kurapati. I am an 23-year old Nursing School student. I have coached for 3 years and I have coached over 40 people . I currently have 10 regular student whom I see regularly every week. My Students are showing great success improving rapidly. I have the art to teach, and I have the ability to train but most importantly I am very tactical and thorough in my explanations.. Table tennis is my passion. I am confident in my abilities as an instructor to raise a player to the 1900-2000 level 100%. I am also a Private Tournament Coach which means I train players and coach them through their tournaments. I currently have a student (Charlie Monroe) who has risen from 1000-1700 in 3 months! (not on paper, but he is beating people 1700's at our club now.) I am good at explaining things easily! I am currently all inverted player, Attacker style. I also have pips rackets for player who need training against pips. Weather short medium or long. I have them all. I also know how to use all the pips. pips characteristics and etc. Please let me know, I would love the opportunity to teach table tennis and it would be my pleasure to help players learn and take their games to the next level.
My Table Tennis Credentials :
- 2014 (1250U 1st place, 1450U 1st place, 1650U 1st place, 1st place in 3200 doubles in Austin ,TEXAS STATE University 2015 1st Place)
- 2015 UTSA Table Tennis Coach
- USATT highest rating : 1708
- Current USATT Rating: 1642 Coaching at SATTC
- Highest opponent defeated in tournament : USATT Rating: 2020 (2014 Houston New Year Cap Open)
Group Coaching - Online Registration Available
Have fun and work up a sweat with your fellow players. Coaching opens up a world of possibilities whether you're looking to become the king of the table or just find new ways to enjoy the sport.
Youth Lessons: Saturdays 1:00pm-2:00pm
This fun-filled and informative series is targeted for youth aged 7-16. It includes fun group activities and also specific training depending on individual skill levels. 
Cost: $20 per class or check our subscription special!
Private Coaching - Online Registration Available
Coach Furgason is happy to offer custom tailored private lessons in 30-minute increments for clients that want a more personal touch or are looking to get better at a specific skill more quickly. Friends and family can even learn together! 
Schedule: Thursdays 7:00pm-10:00pm, Saturdays 2:00-5:00pm
Cost:  $30 per half-hour or check out our Special Subscription Package. Intro deal is also available!
Additional Students are welcome to share coaching time but add-on students must pay club entry. (Student who paid for the session has club entry included)
Off-Site Coaching - By Appointment Only!
Do you have a table at your office, school, or home? Contact us at to discuss setting up a custom training session at your location! If needed, Pong Club can provide temporary tables for an event.
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