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2017 NXNW Winter Tournament

Come join us at NXNW Slaughter Lane on Tuesday Feb 7th for food, drinks, and some great ping pong action! Events are by skill level so join the one that's right for you!

Event List

- Open Singles: Official rules singles competition open to anyone.

- Intermediate Teams: 3-5 person team competition for players under USATT/league 1200 rating. This will keep competition intense for competitive players at the bar and office level.

- Amateur Teams: Open to anyone who has not won a prize in a past Pong Club event and does not have a USATT/league rating above 800

Click Here to sign up!

Schedule - Tuesday February 7th 2017
- 6:00pm Ping Pong tables ready for play
- 6:30pm Singles Division starts
- 7:30pm Teams Divisions start
* Note: tables open up for casual play until 10pm after competition ends.
NXNW Restaurant and Brewery Slaughter Lane
For Everyone
- Special brew and bites menu to be announced soon!
- Charity partner to be announced soon!
- Fun night out with lots to see!
Prizes: (*Still being determined*)
Open Singles Division: 
- NXNW T-Shirt
- 1 Month of Unlimited Pong Club
Intermediate Teams Division:
- 5x NXNW Growler fill card
- 1 Month of Unlimited Pong Club for whole team
Amateur Teams Division:
- NXNW Custom 22oz to-go 4-pack ($28 Value)
- 1 Month of Unlimited Pong Club for whole team
Tournament Format
*Note: All divisions will have a round robin stage followed by single elimination in order to allow all entrants a chance to play a variety of opponents. Round robin stage will be best 2-out-of-3 games per match and single elimination rounds will be best 3-out-of-5 games per match.
Open Singles Division: Standard USATT Rules will apply
Team Divisions:
We are playing a 3-5 player team tournament with a fun format that’s sure to keep your eyes on the ball! Company and individual teams can be registered in advance. If you need a team to join contact

Team Match Rules:
•Both teams line up their players behind the table, put their game faces on, and pick a starting player.
•After deciding who goes first (pick a hand) the first two players on each team will play out one point.
•The player who lost the point moves to the back of their team line and the next teammate comes up and has the serve.
•If one player wins 3 points in a row, that player also moves to the back of the team line and the opponents have the serve
•Shouting support for your teammates is strongly encouraged!
•Official serve rules apply. If your opponent has an illegal serve then you may call a point re-do up to 3 times until it is corrected. Just give your opponent a heads-up as to why the serve was an issue. After that, every illegal serve is a lost point for the server
•Round Robin to single-elimination is planned but format may be modified slightly depending on # of players registered. 
•contact if you have any questions!
•JOOLA 3000SC Tables
•White JOOLA 40+ 3-Star Super-P Balls.
•Loaner Paddles will be available courtesy of Pong Club but if you’ve got one bring it!
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