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2016 Red's Porch Ping Pong Tournament

Red's Porch and Pong Club present the first ever Red's Porch Ping Pong Tournament! Come join us at Red's Porch on Tuesday October 4th for food, drinks, and some great ping pong action!

We are playing both a team and a singles division but you can only pick one so choose wisely!

Click Here to sign up!

- Tuesday October 4th 2016
- Ping Pong warm-up starts at about 5:00pm.
- Competition starts at 6:30pm
- There will be open table space for public fun once initial rounds are over
Red's Porch
Team Division Prizes
1st Place ($410 Total Value): 
- $150 Party Stipend for group plus Red's Koozies ($150 Value)
- 1 Month of Unlimited Pong Club for 4 people ($200 Value)
- 1 Hour Group Lesson from Coach Patrick for team ($60 Value)
2nd Place ($200 Total Value):
- 4x Red's Porch $20 Gift Cards ($80 Value)
- 3-Visit Pass to Pong Club for 4 People ($120 value)
3rd Place ($140 Total Value):
- 4x Red's Porch Free Beer Tokens for your next visit ($20 Value)
- 3-Visit Pass to Pong Club for 4 People ($120 value) 
Singles Division
1st Place ($150 Total Value): 
- $100 Party Stipend for group plus Red's Koozie ($100 Value)
- 1 Month of Unlimited Pong Club For One Person ($50 Value)
2nd Place ($50 Total Value):
- Red's Porch $20 Gift Card ($20 Value)
- 3-Visit Pass to Pong Club ($30 value)
3rd Place ($35 Total Value):
- Red's Porch Free Beer Token for your next visit ($5 Value)
- 3-Visit Pass to Pong Club for 4 People ($30 value) 
* Party Stipends to be used between 10/3/2016 and 1/31/2017 and may not be combined with any other offers. Reservations required through a manager.
Team Tournament Format

We are playing a 4-player-team tournament with a fun format that’s sure to keep your eyes on the ball! Company and individual teams can be registered in advance. If you want help finding a team let us know! We will be doing small round-robin groups with top finishers going to single elimination. Everyone plays at least two rounds!

Team Rules:
•To ensure a fun and competive event, Team division players MUST NOT HAVE USATT OR USATT LEAGUE RATINGS ABOVE 1200 as of 10/1/2016. Our pro competitors are encouraged to join the Singles Division.
•Both teams line up their players behind the table, put their game faces on, and pick a starting player.
•After deciding who goes first (pick a hand) the first two players on each team will play out one point.
•The player who lost the point moves to the back of their team line and the next teammate comes up and has the serve.
•If one player wins 3 points in a row, that player also moves to the back of the team line and the opponents have the serve
•Round Robin Matches will go best 2-out-of-3 games to 11 points
•Single Elimination Matches will go best 3-out-of-5 games to 11 points
•Shouting support for your teammates is strongly encouraged!
•Official serve rules apply. If your opponent has an illegal serve then you may call a point re-do up to 3 times until it is corrected. Just give your opponent a heads-up as to why the serve was an issue. After that, every illegal serve is a lost point for the server
•contact if you have any questions!
Singles Tournament Format
Calling all ping pong heroes of Austin! This Single-Elimination Tournament is where you can really show your ping pong prowess. This will be  open to anyone but if you do have a tournament or league rating it will be used to help seed the bracket appropriately.
Singles will be played best 3-out-of-5 games to 11 points switching serves every 2. Standard USATT Rules Apply!
•JOOLA 3000SC Tables
•White JOOLA 40+ 3-Star Super-P Balls.
•Loaner Paddles will be available courtesy of Pong Club but if you’ve got one bring it!
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