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Special Events

Pong Club can provide excellent table tennis fun for your next company all-hands party, community gathering, or other special event.

Table Rentals
With 12 Olympic-quality tables and great staff, Pong Club is ready for events large and small all over Austin! Ask about long term rentals to try out ping pong for your office without commiting to a table purchase.
Custom Tournaments
We can provide a tournament experience custom tailored for your needs. Need a fun casual event to raise money for a cause? Looking for a serious competition? Pong Club has you covered! Past clients include Brazos Tech District and Austin Level-Up Games!
Group Parties
Looking to host a teambuilding event or ping pong social? We can help make it a success.
Off-Site Coaching
Do you have a table at your office, school, or home? Coach Patrick Furgason can set up a custom training session at your location!
Questions? Let's put ping pong in your future!
Or Call at 512-710-0061

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