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2017 Trudy's Ping Pong Tournament

NOTE: This event is CANCELED due to heavy winds predicted


Come join us at Trudy's Texas Star on Tuesday April 4th for food, drinks, and some great ping pong action! Prizes are available for 3 skill levels. If you're not sure where your level is, the first round is designed to place you in the right spot.

Click Here to sign up!

- Tuesday April 4th 2017 (April 4th if first date is rained out)
- 6:00pm Ping Pong tables ready for warm-up play
- 6:30pm Round Robin First Round Begins
* Note: tables open up for casual play until 10pm after competition ends.
Trudy's Texas Star Near UT Campus
For Everyone:
- "Top Shelf Tuesday" specials at Trudy's
- Every player receives choice of Tequila 512 Margarita or $5 off their food that night with their tournament registration.
- Fun night out with lots to see!
Advanced Singles (any rating allowed):
- Choice of Trudy's Hat or Shirt
- $50 Trudy's gift card
- One month of Pong Club Membership
Intermediate Singles (Up to 1200 Rating Allowed):
- Choice of Trudy's Hat or Shirt
- $25 Trudy's gift card
- One month of Pong Club Membership
Novice Singles (Up to 800 Rating Allowed):
- Choice of Trudy's Hat or Shirt
- $25 Trudy's gift card
- One month of Pong Club Membership
*Note: Unrated players are assumed to have rating of 0 unless their first round performance requires placement in a higher division. Players might have a rating assigned to them after the tournament for future events. 
Consolation Prizes:
- Trudy's will have $5 gift cards for Quarter-Finalists and above who don't win their category
- Players Eliminated before Quarter-Finals in their category get a free visit to Pong Club
Tournament Format
Format will be singles round robin stage followed by single elimination in order to allow all entrants a chance to play a variety of opponents. Round robin stage will be best 2-out-of-3 games per match and single elimination rounds will be best 3-out-of-5 games per match. Everyone will play at least 3 matches before being eliminated.
Standard USATT Rules will apply

•contact if you have any questions!
•JOOLA 3000SC Tables
•White JOOLA 40+ 3-Star Super-P Balls.
•Loaner Paddles will be available courtesy of Pong Club but if you’ve got one bring it!
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